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Choice of Your Pasta

Dried Pasta
Fresh Home-made Pasta
Wood Oven Baked Pasta

Choice of Your Sauce

Cream Base Sauce
Tomato Based Sauce
Olive Oil Based Sauce
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White Pizza
Tomato Pizza
Seafood Pizza
Vegetarian Pizza
Special Pizza
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Pick Your Favorite Steak and Combine with The
Selections of Sauce, Potato and Vegetable.

Sauce Selection

Black Pepper Mushroom Cream Mushroom Barbeque Brown Sauce (gravy)

Potatoes Selection

Boiled Potato Oven Baked Potato Waxy Potato Potato Wedges Mashed Potato French Fries

Vegetable Selection

Organic Salad Sauteed Vegetable

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All served with rice

Semua disajikan dengan nasi
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Protein Selection

Fish Finger Shredded Chicken Scrambled Egg Vegetable Selection Brown Sauce (gravy)

Vegetable Selection

Boiled Corn Fried Broccoli Boiled Carrot

Fruit Selection

Apple-Orange Kiwi-Watermelon Melon Strawberry