Welcome to

Piccola Stella

Located in the center of Batam Island Indonesia, Piccola Stella is the first restaurant in the island that has a
clear vision to deliver the best dining experience for its guests.

Our big vision started in a small food stall in Batam. The founders are a couple that came from Bandung ,
West Java, a city where you can find creativity combined with good food to create an unforgettable dining
experience. They couldn’t find the same atmosphere in Batam back then, and really wished to create one

The couple finally found a small stall to start a pizza place in 2014, and named it Piccola Stella, means
“Little Star” in Italian. Well known as one of the world’s most popular foods, Pizza is surely irresistable, and
bring people together from all nations.

With the supports of loyal customers, Piccola Stella finally could move to a better place in 2018. By bringing
out the spirit of Tuscanian style from central Italy in building design combined with tropical ambience that
gives a cozy atmosphere. The menu options also expanded to satisfy customers needs. Piccola Stella
became a progressive Italian restaurant since then.

With a clear vision delivering the best dining experience in Batam, we really wish you will find Piccola Stella
as a place to feel welcome, refreshed and a place to create memories.